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I am a researcher interested in games, play and philosophy. I design, analyse and write about games for fun and for a living.

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If Facebook had your personal data, now everyone else does too

2 min read

The New York Times details how Facebook has shared user data without their consent to other companies. At least:

  • Microsoft's Bing search engine could see the names of your friends
  • Netflix, Spotify and the Royal Bank of Canada(!) could read your private messages
  • Sony, Microsoft and Amazon could get your email addresses
  • Pandora and Rotten Tomatoes got to hold on to all the personal data Facebook leaked earlier
  • Yandex had access to your unique user IDs
  • Apple got access to your contact numbers and calendar entires, even if you disabled all sharing
  • Other phone manufacturers -- at least Blackberry and Huawei -- got access to your friends and probably other personal information

According to the investigation, there was practically no oversight on how that data was used. An early Facebook investor, Roger McNamee sums it nicely in the article:

“No one should trust Facebook until they change their business model.”

What should you do? If you're in Europe, ask Facebook to delete all your data you think it shouldn't have. Thanks to the European GDPR regulation, they will honor that request. (If you're not in Europe, lobby for better legistlation.)

Stop using all the Facebook products you can. Even if you can't delete your account, consider using alternatives when possible.

Specifically, use WhatsApp instead of Facebook Messenger, if you have to continue using Facebook's messenger services. Facebook can read your Messenger messages (and shares them with others), but can't read WhatsApp messages.


Watched Mr. Robot s3

This season plays less realities, but gets more personal. It's a good season, but only if you were alredy into the characters. Still enjoying the aesthetics.

Watched on HBO Nordic


Checked into Bergen

Nordic DiGRA 2018.


A short list of good resources for online safety

1 min read

EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense:

A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity:

Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) from Feminist Frequency:

The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked:


Watched Cold War

A really fascinating love story with the cold war as a distant background. Actually, everything in the movie is a distant background after the very beginning: the movie focuses exclusively on the two people wrapped in an on/off-romantic relationship, making even the other people in their lives appear as just props for their story. This is not a critique: the story is brilliantly told.

Watched on St. James Cavalier, Malta


It's very 2018 that the series that probes the hard existential questions in life stars a cartoon horse. Hey kids, wanna watch a series where one episode is nothing but a long eulogy to a mother from a son who hated her?

Watched on Netflix


This was a weird movie. 80's nostalgia played straight-faced in world where everyone pretends that it's not a horrible dystopia. Everything bad is blamed on the evil corporation, when all the structural problems in the world are due to what the "good guys" have done. There is even a "resistance," but somehow they manage to miss that what they are actually resisting is capitalism and escapism. It's hard to revolt when you're too busy collecting virtual coins.

Watched on a plane


Can't help but love a show about ethics, even if it was far from perfect. They weren't very consistent on how ethics was used during the show -- even forgetting how the rules of The Good Place worked midway through the season.

I heard there might be as second season coming, but I'm not sure if it needs one, considering how they ended the first one. Still, I'm glad they did the first season. What's next, a show about epistemology?

Watched on Netflix


Checked into Leijona-aukio

Classical trancelations.