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I am a university researcher interested in games, play and philosophy. I design, analyse and write about games for fun and for a living.

You can find me from the University of Jyväskylä, The Finnish Society for Game Research and games co-operative Expa. I currently work for the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies.

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I'm not sure if I'll ever use these, but I now have PGP keys for all my emails.

- ( 7276 F01E 8B82 665C
- ( 5628 FC2F 4DEC 14FD

They are published on

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The Bechdel test for tech conferences: 1) two women speaking 2) on the same panel 3) not about women in tech.

Reposted Polygenic scores and tea drinking

I found this explanation of polygenic scores from a geneticist to be enlightening:

Finally, there is a more fundamental disconnect between talk of polygenic scores and what some people seem to think they might learn from this kind of research. Even if we could attribute some proportion of the phenotypic difference to a difference in polygenic score, on a deeper level, it is not even clear whether such a result really answers the question that an average person means to ask when they ask whether a difference is “genetic.” Saying a phenotypic difference among individuals is genetic often is implicitly taken as implying that it is immutable or unavoidable. However, even if we could attribute a some proportion of the difference in phenotypes between groups to polygenic scores, it would not lend support to the idea that this difference is immutable or “natural”. That is simply not how genetic variation works, as many phenotypes where genetics plays a role are modifiable.Without at least some working knowledge of causal mechanisms underlying the action of the genetic variation contributing to a trait, we may often not know how environment and culture shape the actions of these variants, nor how changes in these factors may modify any role played by genetics.

Reposted Masters of illusion: The great management consultancy swindle

It was 1988, and I was just finishing a D.Phil at Oxford University on the topic of "Nietzsche and German Idealism". The annual recruiting season had long since gone. My life savings had dwindled into three digits. It came to me in a pub, over a game of pool. I was losing badly to a pair of undergraduates who had recently received offers from a prestigious management consulting firm. They were about 22-years-old; I was going on 26.

Reposted On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant

The anthropologist David Graeber explains the prevalence of bullshit jobs, where you do nothing of value, but still work all day, every day.

Reposted Google China Prototype Links Searches to Phone Numbers

Google’s plan for a censored search engine in China also blacklists terms like “Nobel Prize” and “human rights.”

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Ilmastonmuutos on valtaosin rikkaiden aiheuttamaa. Tämä pätee niin yksilöihin kuin valtioihin, kirjoittaa Joona-Hermanni Mäkinen.

Reposted Lapseni kertoo olevansa muuta sukupuolta — miten tuen? 10 vinkkiä vanhemmille

Oma sukupuoli ja sen ilmaisu askarruttaa lapsia ja nuoria. Kyselyn mukaan neljä sadasta nuoresta koki olevansa sukupuoleltaan jotain muuta kuin poika tai tyttö.

Reposted Totuudenetsijä Ilkka Niiniluoto ennusti oikein: "Informaatiokohina kasvaa enemmän kuin aito tieto"

On hämmentävää, että ihmiset näyttävät hyväksyvän valehtelun, filosofi Ilkka Niiniluoto sanoo.