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I am a researcher interested in games, play and philosophy. I design, analyse and write about games for fun and for a living.

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Our paper "Games as Blends: Understanding Hybrid Games" is now available as an open access publication from the Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting. It uses cognitive semiotics to make sense of hybrid games.


"Mastodon is crumbling" is maybe a tad too much, but I found this essay on the politics of Mastodon fascinating and illuminating.


"The most disruptive thing we can do is to be aware of the technology and understand how it shapes the business of media."

This is a great essay of playform studies.


I've been pwned: one of my email addresses was among those 773 million leaked in the Collection #1 data breach.


The life (and death?) of RSS. I still use a reader and no social media can replace it -- they have clearly different use cases.


"They contend that scholarly journals should be owned by the scholarly community rather than by commercial publishers, should be open access under fair principles, and publishers should make citation data freely available."


Somebody (EU?) should force website owners to respect the "Do Not Track" preferences from browsers. No need to ask me about data collection: I've already given you the answer. Now you should just respect that answer and not try to trick me with data collection modals with dark patterns and hundreds of things to click.


Would love to read Motherboard articles, but the consent modal for data collection just freezes the whole page when I click on the "Configure Preferences"-button. I'm sure it would work if I just pressed on "I Agree" -- but unfortunately I don't agree.


This article is interesting, but seems to be conflating correlation and causation. Some young people aren't working because it's grueling or not possible at all and some are spending their time playing games. The connections drawn seem forced.


Here is a useful overview of the history of research into sex and chromosomes. If you still think that sex is a matter of X and Y chromosomes, you should probably read it.